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Pennsylvania State Police (PSP)

In 2011, the Pennsylvania State Police has moved most of their radio communications to the 800 mHz trunked (digital)  system, not capable of being received on radio scanners.  However, some areas are still using the old channel plan on VHF due to the new system not working well in some topographic areas.  Here's the list of the "Old VHF Channels" that can still be monitored for PSP traffic.

Old PSP Radio Frequency Plan

Rptr./Base  Input/Mob.  Use                       Tone

154.755     (simplex)     Mobile to Mobile   186.2

155.580 B  154.950 M   Channel A              186.2

155.475     (simplex)     National PD            CSQ

155.460     (simplex)     Tactical 1               186.2

151.490     (simplex)     Tactical 2               186.2

154.950     155.58        PSP Base                 186.2

154.905     (simplex)     Tactical West (1)   123.0

156.150     (simplex)     Tactical East (2)    123.0

155.790     (simplex)     Tactical 3              123.0

159.030     (simplex)     DES Tactical          123.0

458.5625    Mobile Extenders (repeaters)   151.4