Citizens Band (CB) Channel Frequencies

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Citizens' Band radio (also known as CB radio) is, in many countries, a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals on a selection of 40 channels within the 27-MHz (11 m) band. Citizens' Band is distinct from the FRS, GMRS, MURS and amateur ("ham") radio. In many countries, CB operation does not require a license, and (unlike amateur radio) it may be used for business or personal communications.  SSB modes are used primarily above channel 35.  There may also be illegal out-of-band activity (outbanders) both above & below the legal channels, the use of these illegal frequencies are not encouraged.

CB Ch. 1AM/SSB26.965
CB Ch. 2AM/SSB26.975
CB Ch. 3AM/SSB26.985
CB Ch. 4AM/SSB27.005
CB Ch. 5AM/SSB27.015
CB Ch. 6AM/SSB27.025
CB Ch. 7AM/SSB27.035
CB Ch. 8AM/SSB27.055
CB Ch. 10AM/SSB27.075
CB Ch. 11AM/SSB27.085
CB Ch. 12AM/SSB27.105
CB Ch. 13AM/SSB27.115
CB Ch. 14AM/SSB27.125
CB Ch. 15AM/SSB27.135
CB Ch. 16AM/SSB27.155
CB Ch. 17AM/SSB27.165
CB Ch. 18AM/SSB27.175
CB Ch. 19AM/SSB27.185Travelers / Truckers Road Channel
CB Ch. 20AM/SSB27.205
CB Ch. 21AM/SSB27.215
CB Ch. 22AM/SSB27.225
CB Ch. 23AM/SSB27.255
CB Ch. 24AM/SSB27.235
CB Ch. 25AM/SSB27.245
CB Ch. 26AM/SSB27.265
CB Ch. 27AM/SSB27.275
CB Ch. 28AM/SSB27.285
CB Ch. 29AM/SSB27.295
CB Ch. 30AM/SSB27.305
CB Ch. 31AM/SSB27.315
CB Ch. 32AM/SSB27.325
CB Ch. 33AM/SSB27.335
CB Ch. 34AM/SSB27.345
CB Ch. 35AM/SSB27.355SSB
CB Ch. 36AM/SSB27.365SSB
CB Ch. 37AM/SSB27.375SSB
CB Ch. 38AM/SSB27.385SSB
CB Ch. 39AM/SSB27.395SSB
CB Ch. 40AM/SSB27.405SSB