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Northern Tier Repeater System Information

The NTRS is an ARRL Affiliated amateur radio club located in North-Central Pennsylvania.

We have four Ham Radio Repeaters covering the Northern Tier counties of Potter, Tioga and Bradford, near the New York State southern border.

Our repeaters have the Club Call Sign KB3EAR.  All licensed amateurs are welcome to use the repeaters, and all repeaters are available for ACS, RACES, ARES, and SkyWARN use during emergencY activations.

Our repeaters are all open access with a PL tone of 131.8 hz

NTRS Repeaters:

  • KB3EAR Coudersport          443.800+  PL: 131.8
  • KB3EAR Galeton                147.345+  PL: 131.8
  • KB3EAR Mt. Pisgah (Troy)   146.625-  PL: 131.8
  • KB3EAR Wellsboro              447.325-  PL: 131.8



Updated: March 15, 2021

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Join the NTRS

The NTRS is a group of family oriented friendly folks and we're looking for more of the same.

Anyone with an interest in radio and communications can enjoy membership with us.

You can help us support the repeater system maintenance costs by joining.

We use Zoom for remote meetings during the pandemic.

We have an annual summer picnic.

Come join us in enjoying our fantastic hobby.

Learn more about the NTRS on our club web site:

Email us for more information on our NTRS Club:


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Other Northern Tier PA & Southern Tier Area Repeaters:

Other Northern Tier Repeaters:

  • Coudersport        N3PC      146.685-  PL: 173.8
  • Oswayo              WA3HLC  443.575+ PL: 173.8
  • Ulysses               KB3HJC  145.430-  PL: 173.8
  • Jackson Summit  WA3CSP  146.790-  PL: 173.8