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This list includes the Potter County surrounding area Fire Department & Emergency Medical Services Radio frequencies that may be received.
Locations for ops repeaters 7-11: 7 - Coudersport, 8 - Deerlick, 9 - Crandell, 10 - Austin, 11 - Bailey.  Output PL is the same for all sites; input PL varies by site.  County fire channels 13 and 14 are reserved for local fire company frequencies and may vary by company.
Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 
154.2500 KNNP411 BMCSQPotter F1 County Fire - F1 Dispatch FM Fire Dispatch 
154.1900 WPPW383 BM Potter F2 County Fire - F2 Command FM Fire-Tac 
155.3400 KNCS879 BM Potter F3 County Fire - F3 Operations 1 FM Fire-Tac 
154.1300 WPPW383 BM Potter F4 County Fire - F4 Operations 2 FM Fire-Tac 
154.4150 WPPW383 BM Potter F5 County Fire - F5 Operations 3 FM Fire-Tac 
155.3850 WPPW383 RM Potter F6 County Fire - F6 Lyons Repeater FM Fire-Tac 
154.3850 KNNP411 RM173.8Potter F7-11 County Fire - F7 thru F11 Operations Repeaters FM Fire-Tac 
155.2800 KNCS879 BM Potter F12 County Fire - F12 Fire Police FM Fire-Tac 
154.1075 WPYU581 BM Potter F15 County Fire - F15 County Paging FMN Multi-Dispatch 
154.2800 WPPW383 BM Potter F16 County Fire - F16 Emergency FM Fire-Tac 
158.8350  M Potter F17 County Fire - F17 Mobile Repeater FM Fire-Tac 
154.3400 WPPW383 BM Potter F18 County Fire - F18 Whites Crossband FM Fire-Tac 
158.8425 WPQK785 RM Gale Hose Gale Hose Co. 1 Repeater FMN Fire-Tac 
151.3325 WQIT804 RM Harrison FC Harrison Twp. Vol. Fire Co. Repeater FM Fire-Tac 
33.7800 WNQJ569 BM  Fire - Tactical (OOS?) FM Fire-Tac 
33.9800 WNQJ569 BM  Fire - Tactical (OOS?) FM Fire-Tac 
46.1400 WNWK394 BM  Fire - Tactical (OOS?) FM Fire-Tac 
46.3600 WNQJ569 BM  Fire - Mutual Aid (OOS?) FM Interop 
462.9500 KNDS654 RM MED 9 County EMS - Alt Dispatch FM EMS Dispatch 
462.9750 KNDS654 RM MED 10 County EMS - Primary Dispatch FM EMS Dispatch 
463.0000 KNDS654 RM MED 1 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
463.0250 KNDS654 RM MED 2 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
463.0500 KNDS654 RM MED 3 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
463.0750 KNDS654 RM MED 4 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
463.1000 KNDS654 RM MED 5 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
463.1250 KNDS654 RM MED 6 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
463.1500 KNDS654 RM MED 7 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
463.1750 KNDS654 RM MED 8 EMS-to-Hospital FM Hospital 
155.280                          BM                       HEAR 1           EMS-to-Hospital                                  FM        Hospital

155.340                         BM                        HEAR 2           EMS-to-Hospital                                  FM