"Ham" Radio Frequencies Fire Dept./EMS Frequencies Police & Law Enforcement Frequencies PA & NY NOAA WX Broadcasts Northern Tier Repeater System (NTRS)


This list includes the Potter County area Police & law Enforcement Agency Radio frequencies that may be received in the Potter Co. surrounding area.

Frequency    License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description    Tag 
154.8150  WNMZ586  RM   Potter P1 Sheriff Dispatch    Law Dispatch 
155.7975  WPYD544  BM   Potter SO Sheriff Ops and Correctional Facility    Other 
155.4750  WNMZ586  M   PD National Police National    Interop 
155.4900    M   PD Regional Police Regional (NC PA)    Interop 
155.1900  WPST622  RM   Cdrsprt PD Coudersport Police - Dispatch    Law Dispatch 
37.0400  KNFD526  BM   Potter SO Sheriff - Alternate Dispatch (OOS?)    Law Dispatch 
37.4000  KNFD526  BM   Potter SO Sheriff - Tactical (OOS?)    Law Tactical 

PA State Police  (PSP indicates PA State Police)  As of early 2011, all PSP stations are now using the PA-STARNet OpenSky system for routine dispatch.

Occasional traffic can still be heard on the old VHF dispatch channels, the Mobile-Mobile channel, and the various tactical channels.

155.5800 KSO688 B 186.2 PL PSP A Base Channel A Dispatch Base Law Dispatch
154.9500 KGX615 M 186.2 PL PSP A Mob Channel A Dispatch Mobiles Law Dispatch
155.6700 KSO688 B 186.2 PL PSP B Base Channel B Dispatch Base Law Dispatch
155.9100 KN9796 M 186.2 PL PSP B Mob Channel B Dispatch Mobiles Law Dispatch
155.5050 KLE766 B 186.2 PL PSP C Base Channel C Dispatch Base Law Dispatch
155.8500 KN9796 M 186.2 PL PSP C Mob Channel C Dispatch Mobiles Law Dispatch
154.665   RM 186.2 PL PSP D Base Channel D Dispatch Base Law Dispatch
158.9100 KN9796 M 186.2 PL PSP D Mob Channel D Dispatch Mobiles Law Dispatch
154.6950 KN9796 RM 186.2 PL PSP E Base Channel E Dispatch Base Law Dispatch
154.9050   M 186.2 PL PSP E Mob Channel E Dispatch Mobiles Law Dispatch
154.9200   B 186.2 PL PSP F Base Channel F Dispatch Base Law Dispatch
154.83000 KN9796 M 186.2 PL PSP F Mob Channel F Dispatch Mobiles Law Dispatch
155.44500 KGX615 BM 186.2 PL PSP G B/M Channel G Dispatch Base/Mobiles Law Dispatch
155.47500 KB82069 BM CSQ PD National Nationwide Law Enforcement Law Talk
154.75500 KN9796 BM 186.2 PL PSP Mobiles Mobile to Mobile (base and mobile units) Law Talk
154.75500 KN9796 RM 123.0 PL PSP Rptr 2 Repeater 2 Law Tactical
159.21000   M 186.2 PL PSP Portable Portable to Portable Law Tactical
155.46000 KN9796 M 186.2 PL PSP Tac 1 Tactical 1 Law Tactical
151.49000 KN9796 M 186.2 PL PSP Tac 2 Tactical 2 Law Tactical
155.79000 KN9796 M 123.0 PL PSP Tac 3 Tactical 3 Law Tactical
156.15000 KB46156 M 123.0 PL PSP Tac East Tactical East Law Tactical
154.90500 KLE766 M 123.0 PL PSP Tac West Tactical West Law Tactical
159.03000 KN9796 M 123.0 PL PSP Tac DES Tactical (Clear / DES encoded) Law Tac
158.76000 WYF421 RM 151.4 PL PSP Admin 1 Administration 1 Law Talk
158.76000 WYF421 RM 123.0 PL PSP Admin 2 Administration 2 Law Talk
453.07500 WXP370 R CSQ PSP SERT SERT Team (APCO25) Law Tac